Our Strategy

A&M Capital Partners invests in companies that can benefit from our access to performance improvement resources and experience, including corporate carve-outs, consolidation strategies, special situations or businesses seeking to address specific operational issues or management needs.

Situations we pursue include:

  • Middle-market companies where we have a high degree of confidence in our ability to create value through performance improvements
  • Investments in healthy companies undergoing management transitions, where interim management resources are necessary

  • Investments related to corporate divestitures or carve-outs, which often require significant operational and / or managerial support to create well functioning and efficient stand-alone businesses

  • Build-up and consolidation strategies, where value can be created through synergy identification and execution as well as merger integration capabilities

  • Special situations in which a liquidity solution facilitates the recapitalization of a stressed balance sheet

We are control investors

as we believe that control over key operational decisions is critical to our investment strategy. However, we encourage the participation of selling shareholders and management teams in our investments. We believe that this participation creates strong alignment of incentives to drive improvement and growth in a business. In certain situations we will consider shared control or significant minority stakes.

We invest in established operating companies

in which it is possible to conduct fundamental investment analysis on reliable data in order to evaluate historical performance and future prospects. We seek to acquire companies with defensible market positions in fundamentally stable and sound markets.

We value transparency and respect

among all stakeholders in a transaction. The principals of A&M Capital Partners have over 85 years of combined experience executing private equity transactions in the middle-market. Our experience with various kinds of businesses and ownership profiles allows us to meet sellers' objectives with win-win transactions that specifically address the goals of existing shareholders. We are sensitive to the distractions that a sale process can cause and are therefore careful to prioritize efficiency and stability during our investigation and throughout our ownership. We are especially sensitive to protecting vital business interests such as relationships with customers, employees, and vendors.