flexible capital PROVIDER

A&M Capital Opportunities seeks to partner with founders and management teams to support the continued pursuit of a shared vision. We seek to provide flexible capital solutions designed to meet both the financial and non-financial goals of our partners.


  • At A&M Capital Opportunities, we believe that the financial transaction is only one part of any partnership and that the assistance, expertise and resources we look to bring to a shared vision with existing shareholders should be at the core of our transactions. We also recognize that every owner and business is different and therefore require individually tailored transactions. As a result, we look to utilize our flexible capital to strive to meet the specific needs and desires of the business owner by creating bespoke capital solutions that best meet their financial and non-financial goals.

one size does not fit all

A&M Capital Opportunities recognizes that every business and transaction is different. We work in concert with the founders, families, and management teams we support to develop creative capital solutions designed to meet the needs of all the stakeholders involved.

comfort and experience as minority investors

AMCO’s leadership has deep experience making non-control investments and understands the nuances of being a minority partner versus a controlling shareholder. We focus on building consensus throughout the organization and working alongside our partners to drive toward a common goal.

majority investments still driven by partnership philosophy

In instances where the capital dynamics of a transaction result in an investment representing a majority position, AMCO’s philosophy is still centered on partnership. We actively focus on the same principles of consensus and shared goals, providing the shareholders we invest with the same voice and influence we would seek as a minority shareholder.